Apply to UNEDA

Member Benefits

  • Join a community of leading dealers committed to the highest integrity in their business practices
  • Educate the public about today’s secondary market and counter common myths and misinformation
  • Gain access to a comprehensive knowledge-base to identify the latest counterfeit techniques and illicit activities perpetrated by fraudulent brokers
  • Participate in a forum for the exchange of best practices for product quality assurance and customer care
  • Gain access to the Network Equipment List, a secure, member-only online community for buying and selling pre-owned networking equipment
  • Interact with industry thought leaders and law enforcement to advocate positive change

Who Should Join?

UNEDA membership is open to executives, sales, technical and marketing professionals working with “used networking equipment dealer” companies. Used networking equipment dealers include companies that earn a majority of revenue from the sale of used or pre-owned data networking equipment.

The annual Dealer Membership fee is $1600 for voting members and $1450 for non-voting members. The membership fee is due upon enrollment and is non-refundable. Memberships are valid for 12 months from enrollment date and are eligible for renewal at that time.Member Requirements

Member Requirements

  1. Must have valid web site
    1. True Domain
    2. Contact Information
    3. Warranty Information
    4. Used Networking Content
    5. List of Products Bought and Sold
  2. Must have Tax ID or VAT number
  3. Must be in business for a minimum of six months OR have most recent employer endorsement in writing
  4. Primary business must be buying and selling used networking equipment or server equipment
  5. Complete Membership Application and have written endorsement of three current members
  6. Must sign and adhere to the UNEDA code of Ethics, Membership Agreement, NDA, and Bylaws
  7. Must pay membership dues, year runs August 1st through July 31st
  8. Must not have any outstanding complaints (complaints include dealing in counterfeit equipment, outstanding balances, warranty issues or any other criminal complaints or legal encumbrances) against them (the owner or member of the company) or their company.
  9. Must have 3 current UNEDA member company references. Please note that we do not publish a current list of members, but we will verify if a company is a member or not. References cannot be from a Board of Director company
  10. Must be approved by board vote by majority vote. Meetings will occur on a quarterly basis.

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Membership Agreement