Board Members

The Executive Team

Dan Stutsky


Dan joined the Board of Directors in 2018. Dan has been in the secondary networking market since 2008 and is currently employed with New Life Hardware in Bethany, Connecticut.

Nick Danhour


Nick joined the Board of Directors in May 2019. Nick is currently employed with Trifecta Networks in Florida.

Chantal Santana


Chantal Santana joined the UNEDA Board of Directors in 2022. She has worked in the industry since 2014 and is currently the Director of Operations at OSI Global

Steve Petro


Steve joined the board in June 2022. Steve has been with UNEDA since 2006, and in the industry for over 15 years. Steve is currently with Mulligan Tech, located in Nashville, TN.

Beau Gulsvig

Board Member

Beau joined the board in 2023. He started in the industry in 2021 with Dedicated Networks Inc. located in Minnesota, USA.

Jesse Johnson

Board Member

Jesse joined the Board 2014, serving as President and Vice-President 2019-2023. Jesse has been highly engaged in the secondary cisco market since 2005. Jesse lives in Minneapolis with his wife and son.

Dee Lipscomb

Board Member

Dee joined the board in June 2022. Dee is currently employed with Abacus Hardware, and located in Nashville, TN and Atlanta GA and has been in the broker industry for 20 years.

Justin Mihaly

Board Member

Justin has been in this industry for nearly 10 years. He joined Curvature in Spring 2023 and is currently the Senior Buyer for Networking and Servers.

Lasse Steen Nørgaard

Board Member

Lasse joined the Board of Directors in 2023. Lasse is employed with Nordic Computer, a EOL HW service and HW reseller with HQ in Denmark

Chris Rendell

Board Member

Chris joined the board in 2023. Residing in Manchester, UK, Chris has over 20 years industry experience and is currently employed by Covenco.

James Rogers

Board Member

James joined the UNEDA Board in 2019. A Purchaser, Manager and Hardware Broker within UNEDA since 2007, James currently works at Sprout, an IT Asset Disposition company with headquarters in North Carolina.

Jake Wendt

Board Member

Jake joined the Board of Directors in May 2023. Jake is currently employed with Integrity Global Solutions in Plymouth Minnesota.